Often we are asked "What is Coaching?"

Our coaches help entrepreneuers, individuals with life issues and executives in key areas of business identify where they are currently and where they want to go. We assist in finding the blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs that keep them from achieving their desired outcomes. Many people are great at helping others get to their goals but do not take the time, discipline and commitment to make their own desires come to fruition. We offer several types of coaching; life coaching, leadership coaching and executive coaching. Our highly skilled coaches provide a collaborative process with the client to achieve the client's outcomes by listening intently, asking pertinent questions, providing acknowledgement, clarifying desired outcomes and helping the client secure an action plan to achieve results. 

Areas that we have assisted clients in accomplishing their outcomes include: bringing an idea to market, increasing effective communication for relationships with family and peers, creating balance between personal and professional life,  assisting executives with indecisive management behavior, clarification of expectations, clearing blocks for public speaking, improving work relationships, resolving overwhelm or feeling disorganized, becoming a better team player, helping parents or spouses be less rigid and controlling, and setting priorities for financial plans.

Our coaches are professionals utilizing core compentencies outlined by the International Coach Federation.  

It is also useful to describe "what coaching is NOT".

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy generally focuses on problems from the past and how to overcome those problems. Therapy requires the mental health provider to make a diagnosis related to medical necessity. Coaching does not address mental health issues that would require a diagnosis and therefore is not covered by insurance. Coaching does help one learn from past mistakes, make useful choices and solve problems, however the focus is present and future focused rather than past focused.

Coaching is not consulting. Consulting involves offering individuals or groups information in a specific area of expertise that the client does not already have. Often an opportunity for coaching will arise with an individual or team during the consulting process. Coaching is focused on building on the resources that the "coachee" already has but is not utilizing.

Coaching is not training. Training focuses on the client learning new information. Coaching can work in concert with training to make sure that the new learnings are put into play. Coaching can work along side training to make sure the maximum benefit of the investment of training is put into action with measurable results. 

Coaching is not mentoring. Mentoring is a process of guiding someone through a path that the mentor has already traveled. Many times clients will choose a coach because the coach has knowledge of a specific area of industry or relationships but that knowledge is not a requirement because the coaching focus is on the client strengths and resources.

How can Coaching help me?

The investment in coaching as been shown to have a tremendous return on investment (ROI). Jack Phillips, Chairman of the ROI Institute, is a world renown expert on the measurement and evaluation of coaching, counseling and training. Jack Phillips reports for every $1 spent there is a $2 return as a conservative figure.  Coaching clients report improved relationships as evidenced by reduction in conflict, increased job satisfaction, increased productivity, decreased complaints and negativity, increased communication with peers and family and increased confidence in interactions are among the benefits to those who receive coaching.