Our consulting work is customized for each client.

We assess the needs, define the issues and create a plan based on each client's unique needs, learning style and business requirements. Our areas of expertise include assisting Boards of Directors to become even more effective and working with Addiction Related Issues in the Workplace.

Board of Director Solutions

Duane Wade and Vicki Adaway have teamed up to work with Boards of Directors of non-profit and for profit companies. They are aware of board needs to be even more functional in these times of economic change. Several issues we encounter that are common to boards are:

Unclear roles and responsibilities

Improper selection of board members

Micro-management of executive directors

Inabiliy to set proper boundaries

Lack of understanding regarding governance

Inadequate or non-existent strategic plan

Our goal is to help boards be even better!

Addiction and Related Issues in the Workplace

Addiction has far reaching costs that are not often named aloud. It is an area that is largely ignored and has significant bottom line impact. Our consultants have many years in the addiction and co-dependency recovery business and can assist in identifying problem behavior, what to do to get the employee help for their problems, the legal aspects of how to remove an employee related to addiction and how to spot problems in new hires before you hire them.

The cost to the addict can be measured by inability to maintain meaningful employment, issues with money, health, relationships, and legal problems.

The cost to family and loved ones include heartache, repeated disappointment, enabling behaviors that in turn cause low self esteem, and financial devastation. 

The costs in the workplace can be attributed to the addict or the co-dependent in terms of lost productivity, frequent absences, increased turnover, loss through theft, and higher susceptibility to on the job accidents.