The Human Side of Business. Imagine what your day would be like if you and your employees were able to handle the "human side of business". We use our staff that are specially trained to help your employees move through the human problems brought to the workplace such as communication issues, creativity blocks, conflict, big emotions, and those issues particular to your work setting, those issues that affect your bottom line. We offer inservice, workshops, lunch and learn and...

We customize the interactive training!

We can also offer your team or group a half day or full day just outside Birmingham, AL in Cook Springs with equine-assisted programs. The benefits of this novel, powerful training include reduced stress, ability to respond to situations rather than react, increase your skills for connecting at the non-verbal level, use of humor and play to deal with challenges and resolve conflict in positive ways. Team building and increased communication are just some of the benefits!

NLP Training. Our 18 day NLP Practitioner Training is conveniently held on weekends over a period of 9 months. The program involves learning and experiencing NLP concepts so that you can put your learnings to use immediately. The trainers are exceptional at offering the material in formats that make learnings easy and fun! The changes that occur during this training are life transforming in increased knowing one's self and healthy interactions with others. The tools and techniques taught can be applied to personal and professional areas with increased effectiveness beginning withthe first session. Please call or email for specific dates or more information.

NLP training sessions can be customized for a one hour overview, a four hour program or a four day training in your facility depending on your company or facility needs.

Parenting Skills. Healthy parenting is hard work! In these sessions you will learn how to handle yourself so that your interactions with your family is less stressful on all of you. Speciality areas include Skills for New Parents, healthy limits and boundaries, blending families and transition with teens or taking care of elderly parents.

WealthyMindTM Training. In this two day workshop created by Kris and Tim Hallbom, you will uncover your limiting beliefs about money and how to change them. It is not a financial strategy program but gives you practical skills for identifying blocks that keep you from achieving the wealth and abundance you desire.

We have had the opportunity over the years to listen to many individual's stories and how those past relationships with money have impacted how one interacts with money today. Because we are in a state of change in our economy, our clients have found it necessary to examine their money life and learn how they stop themselves from having the relationship with money that they desire. We have proven programs and processes that help you identify your beliefs and how to examine those that are limiting, those beliefs that are working and those that need an update given the current economic climate.

We offer WealthyMindTM related programs that can be customized to your specific needs, whether it is a one hour program for a lunch and learn, a four hour seminar, an all day program, or a weekend retreat to turn your limiting beliefs about money into new interactions with money.